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May 26, 2018

Engine Troubles

BY: Jesús Molino



We passed the hours of the day route planning, attending to various repairs, recording with the ROV and bringing up samples from the seafloor using the grab and CTD.


Our starboard engine broke down forcing us to stop all operations and return to Salina’s port. Thanks to Giulia Bernardi from BLUE Foundation, we had a perfect mooring right at the end of the wharf waiting for us, which made things easier since we could only maneuver with one engine. What’s more, we even had the mechanic, Salvatore, waiting for us onshore. Three hours later after, and repairing a faulty fuel pump and fuel injector hose, we heard him putt-away in his three-wheeler and we were ready to return to battle. The alarm rang at 5 a.m., we untied the moorings and set sail to our first ROV position to continue our work.

Thanks to Giulia and Salvatore, the 10-day delay estimated by our technician was reduced to 10 hours, counting repairs and our round-trip back to port. Once again, grazie Giulia and Salvatore.