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August 20, 2013

End of the Campaign

BY: Silvia García


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


It´s 18:30 p.m. and we´re getting closer to Burriana, the plan was actually to get there by tomorrow morning.  This means just one thing: the dive had to be aborted much to our regret after making a Dragonera Morrot bathymetry last night. The wind blew north and the waves were of up to two meters high since 7: 30 am; additionally, the weather forecast predicted even worse conditions. So, despite of being eagerly expected as the icing of the cake, this mountain has gotten the “pending” status for one of our upcoming campaigns.

Full steam ahead, an occasional shower and a burning sun since noon made Cetaceans sights difficult during the peak sun hours. But still, we got lucky and had the chance to enjoy the brief sighting of a group of dolphins; there were at least five individuals of which a couple came closer to us letting us recognize them as Risso’s Dolphins, a cetacean species that is actually quite hard to see.