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October 4, 2014

El Llanito and Punta Tejeda

BY: Oceana Web


© OCEANA / Enrique Talledo


Today we had two productive dives at 800-1000m deep at El Llanito and Punta Tejeda. Large aggregations of deep-sea corals (Madrepora oculata, Lophelia pertusa, Acanella fasciata, Desmophyllum sp., Corallium Niobe, etc.) have been filmed over rocks and vertical walls. Remote giant foraminifera, sea urchins, large anemones and fish as peculiar and interesting as the spiderfish (Bathypterois dubius) or snipe eels (Nemichthys sp.) occur at these depths.
This time also a shark we could not identified, and a scalloped hammerhead (Sphyrna lewini) showed up on the surface. 

Lately we seem to be lucky with elasmobranchs sightings unlike cetaceans which we haven´t sighted for many days now. In the evening, a night dive took place in the port of La Restinga, where we could see stingrays (Dasyatis pastinaca), puffers (Sphoeroides marmoratus), trumpetfish (Aulostomus trigosus) and some other species characteristic of that time of day like moray eels (Muraena augusti), different types of shrimp, the cnidarian Alicia mirabilis and a Holothuria tubulosa that was spawning.