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July 11, 2017

The incredible North Sea keeps on wowing us

BY: Héctor García



Today, like most days, when I got up it was already daybreak. The sun looked amazing (it was actually raining) but I was in a good mood and left the bedroom to go and have breakfast with the crew and to prepare ourselves for another day lost out at sea near Norway – not knowing what date of the month or day of the week it was! But what I did know was that we were going to have another adventure.

Without thinking about it twice, I went to go and help the crew to set up the equipment, prepare the dingy boats and set sail to discover a little piece of the North Sea, which day after day, keeps on surprising us.

Today, especially, has been an incredible day. We’ve seen seals swimming and playing under the sea. They were curious about us being there but kept their distance. Today has been cold, it’s rained, but we dealt with it well by finding sheltering in the rocks, having a good laugh and being excited to be in the sea and carry on exploring. For me, I’m leaning news by watching what’s going on. We got really cold, but it was really worth it. I’d spend any day going through the cold to be able to enjoy a day like today again.

I have to say a thank you for the most incredible experience that I’ve had in my whole life. I will never forget how fortunate I have been for this opportunity.

I’ll sign off with:

With a humour, we start the day,

Excited we are throughout the day,

And with total happiness, we end the day.