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June 5, 2016

The “easy” life of a sailor

BY: Rubén González



Hi everyone! I’m Rubén, a crew member onboard the Ranger. Our day-to-work on deck starts early. A good washing-down with buckets of water followed by a few checks and then on to untie the mooring lines. The time spent sailing to our work areas we use to rest, chat or simply observe the ocean and the clouds. We’re being lucky with the weather – although I expected less rain that what we’ve had: it’s rained a few times this week at-sea. On deck, the sun can make working there uncomfortable but when it clouds over and the cool wind gets stronger, well, we miss the sun and we wouldn’t settle for anything else! Today, the sea is on our side, allowing us to carry out daily dives with the ROV and achieve our targets. Sleeping at port always helps to give us more strength for the next day’s work – and, it’s a lot better than doing the nightshift although sometimes it’s nice to spend the night under the stars. Tomorrow’s another day; I’m off now to get some rest.