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July 8, 2015

Diving through the caves

BY: Jesús Molino




The first immersion is made by the divers, and we document the caves to see what we can find. We are at the exact same spot as the last dive. This is a crack visible from the surface, a cut in the wall 200m deep that splits into two paths; during the last dive we explored the left path, now it is the right´s turn. We went over the wall for 1 hour and 41mins and found 4 caves between the surface and the first 25m deep, some of them very narrow. These days I dream of the excitement explorers from yore might have had, seeking what no one has seen before, or at least that is the feeling we all have when diving where no documents or information have yet been recorded. These three islands keep surprising us every time we go through a new area and what´s still to come .