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August 14, 2010

Diving in northern Ibiza

BY: Silvia García


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


Yesterday we crossed the Mallorca channel, from Cape Blanco to the northern coast of Ibiza. The strong winds and heavy waves meant the end of this campaign was going to be rough.  In the end, it rained a little and there was some lightning and a little movement during the night. But luckily, we didn’t have to cancel any of the dives planned for today off the northern coast of Ibiza.


This area includes some small islands and capes not as popular with divers as other parts of the island. Because this coast is more rugged than the rest of the island, like in Mallorca, the city centre and dive centres are located further away, so these areas are not easily accessible. The first dive will be in Punta Galera, where the seabeds are sandy and harbour seagrass beds that are typical in these waters, with long leaves and very thick. After lunch, the second dive was more towards the west, off Calders Island, where we documented walls painted yellow by the cnidarian Parazoanthus axinellae and many other sessile species. If we saw these walls, with these colours, on land, we would be astonished by the wide variety of species that make up this amazing canvas.