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June 27, 2016

Diving, no matter what! Hurrah!

BY: Cris Urien



People are talking and commenting about it; there’s a rumour going around that today we’ll do a dive from the coast! For technical reasons, we couldn’t go out to sea using the boat, so we hired a car and set off to the north area of the island to carry out a dive in a cave that we had seen already.

The sea was quite choppy so access to the cave was quite difficult but nothing compared to a military dive (as I have done), which are quick and agile.

Down there everything was ok, and as usual, I was relying on Kike Talledo’s instructions – I don’t think I’ve ever relied on someone so much in my life! 😉

I’ll leave you now, with a little aperitif in hand, to round off my dive.