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June 12, 2013

Of divers and people disguised as rabbits

BY: Peter Pierrou



This weekend, the day finally arrived when we launched our Baltic Sea expedition. After months of preparations everybody got a chance to step out of the office for a reminder of what we actually do at Oceana. Sitting at our desks, working at our computers is not a goal in itself; it’s just a means to get where we want to go. For me as a newcomer, it was a chance to meet the people who symbolise Oceana’s struggle in a very evident way – the divers.

First impressions were good. One of the divers, Gorka, had a large cut in his head, which was filled with dried blood. “It’s nothing, just a small mishap”, he explained. Tough guys.

Soon the expedition will be travelling up the west coast of Sweden towards my home turf, Gothenburg and its beautiful archipelago. This area is quite large and diverse, so I expect there is a lot for our marine nerds to indulge in. This is also where I will be meeting up with the expedition to join them for a couple of days. For accommodation in Gothenburg I’ve found us a campground right in the city, run by northern Europe’s biggest amusement park – Liseberg. This means we’ll have to share space with people dressed up as rabbits and families celebrating their vacations. Also, the biggest holiday in Sweden takes place ­ on Friday – midsummer. Essentially this is a drinking contest that can be pretty wild, especially in camping places all around Sweden. Let’s see how tough the divers are then.