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June 25, 2008

Dive Sites Malta & Gozo

BY: Keith Ellenbogen


©OCEANA/ Keith Ellenbogen


Exploring the underwater environment of Gozo and Malta the Oceana dive team comprised of (pictured left to right) Alberto Iglesias, Gorka Leclercq, Keith Ellenbogen, and Thierry Lannoy noted very little marine life juxtaposed to some of the most scenic locations.

Over the next couple of days we dove the following dive sites:

Gozo Island — The Inland Sea Tunnel: On this dive we descended to 80ft/26m for 80 minutes swimming through a dark underwater tunnel that extends for 240ft/80m to the dimly back lit seaward entrance. While the topography was beautiful the only sea life noted was a very small grouper (less then 8in/20cm), one lobster, and a couple of little octopi scurrying through the rocky bottom near our entry point on the inland side of the tunnel.

Gozo Island — The Blue Hole: With all our scuba diving equipment and photography gear we trekked from the car about 3-5 minutes down a rocky path to the beautiful blue hole. Aptly named for the spectacular turquoise blue water — with calm seas we descended 60ft/20m for 70 minutes.

Malta — Tug Boat Rosi: From the Southside of the lighthouse, with a giant stride entry into the water we swam at a conservative depth of 45ft/15m for 6-8 minutes over rocky bottom with a compass bearing of 300?. On arrival at the Tug Boat Rosi we descended to a depth of 125ft/33m where we photographed and videographed the sunken wreck.

Gozo Island — Blue Dome Cathedral and Valley. From the car, once again carrying all our scuba equipment and dive gear we descended 99 steep steps into the valley. Swimming on the surface soaking in the spectacular view of the valley as we swam 250 meters through the gorge. Underwater on our 10-minute journey to the mystical blue dome the marine environment did not look healthy.