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February 4, 2011

Did you know?

BY: Angela Pauly



In our effort to interact with our supporters more, it occurred to us that not everyone may  be aware of the different ways in which to stay up to date with our work and get up to speed on the many issues in marine conservation.

Once a month we send out a short e-newsletter. The newsletter is a great way find out what we are working on, the issues of the day, and interesting facts you may not know. So don’t forget to sign up here – it’s now available in both English and Spanish.

Into photography? Sign up for our photo of the month club. We’ve got some incredible photographers that take part in our at-sea expeditions. They have contributed to our growing collection of more than 80,000 photos (no really, we are not kidding!).  The photo of the month gives you a wonderful glimpse into the underwater world.

Finally, keep in touch and get up to date news on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

Do you have any tips for us on how best to communicate with you? Is there anything you’d like to read more about?