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June 15, 2016

Diary of a chef-cum -diver

BY: Cris Uralde


OCEANA / Carlos Minguell © LIFE BaĦAR for N2K


Today, after two days of bad weather, we took on the wind and decided to set off towards the north of the Island of Gozo to do some snorkeling dives in search of sand banks. I had forgot to tell you that as well as do the cooking on-board I also accompany the videographer, Enrique Talledo. He’s outstanding what he does and an even better person and I have the privilege of accompanying him to where he wants to go – to where his eyes stop scanning and the camera starts filming.

Thanks for believing in me, Kike! We did two dives where we saw rays, flying gurnards, Neptune grass bursting with life on rocks… I could go on and on but like on any diving day we end the day with a huge smile on our face. Then I help out Juanillo (diving coordinator and super nice guy) before I start getting lunch ready in the kitchen. At 1.30pm lunch is ready! After that, it was time to rest a little and then back into the water to where I feel at home!

See you soon!