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June 22, 2016

Days at sea

BY: Silvia García



Normally there are 13 crew members on-board the Ranger, which means that each one of us will write four diary entries during the two-month Malta expedition. That is enough to be able to tell you things about the expedition from many different perspectives. In my last diary entry, I gave you a summary on how things had been going. I’m not going to talk about the miles we’ve traveled but rather the dives we’ve carried out and how productive the campaign is turning out to be. I want to take advantage of the diary again to let you know that the work is going well, despite the fact that June was much windier than last year, forcing us to stay at port more days that we had expected and disrupting some of our dives. We’ve carried out dives in all of our intended research areas, sometimes doing multiple dives, which have given us dozens of samples. And there are still 39 days left to keep building on our knowledge of this sea!