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September 5, 2018

A Day at Port

BY: Ricardo Aguilar



Today we stayed at port (Holmsund), on one hand, this was due to bureaucratic problems with the boat and, on the other hand, because we were running out of water. So, we took advantage of the day to fill the tanks, fix several things, stock up on food, etc.

This “resting” time also allowed us to finish identifying the organisms from our samples and photos (more algae, snails, fish, crustaceans, etc.), do some homework and answer e-mails.

We are also waiting for another boat, a 9-meter-long rigid-inflatable. From now on, the MV Sea Dream will be our “office” and “hotel” and both inflatables will be used for research. Hopefully, this will make things more efficient.

If everything goes as planned, tomorrow we will be working in the northern part of the Quark, in an area 20 miles away from here, where we’ll be conducting more dives, more passes with the drop camera, more grabs and more CTDs measurements.