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July 4, 2016

A day full of sightings

BY: Silvia García



Today has been full of sightings, both on the sea surface and deep down. We’re in an area far from the coast, studying rocky sea beds that go from 300 to 700 metres deep. We’re looking for corals and other species that live in these reefs and, if truth be told, we’re having a lot of luck with what we’re finding! Today we have carried out two dives where we discovered one of the most stunning white coral reefs I’ve ever seen in these waters. There were lots of healthy and well developed Madrepora oculata but they are at risk due to fishing lines. Thankfully there aren’t so many fishing lines here as we’re far from the coast.

A white-headed, male Risso’s dolphin did make an appearance, beside two other Risso’s dophins (one female and one younger male, maybe ‘mother and child’). We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to see them coming up so close. We’d like to think that they know what we’re doing here, which is also for their own good!