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June 1, 2016

A day of diving!

BY: Carlos Minguell



Being an underwater photographer is fun – but sometimes brings a bit of misfortune – like on diving day today when I wasn’t able to dive myself. But our campaigner has insisted I do this so here I am with a cold but ready to give it a go.

We’ve had a grey and rainy day today with enough morning wind to make us change our initial plans for the ROV into a dive to hunt for caves along an amazing cliff off the south of the island.

Kike and Jesús got some amazing photos and some samples of sponges inside a huge sea cave and I managed to get some photos too, but mainly of Kike and Jesus in the sea. In the afternoon the wind died down and the ROV, after a few days in muddy waters, covered a rugged rock bottom that look nothing like this morning’s dive! Just a coincidence!