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June 30, 2008

Cup sponges at 25 meters depth



What a day. Peñas Cape has surprised us with a forest of cup sponges (Phakellia ventilabrum) at only 25 meters depth. The divers dove off the Merendálvarez reef, NNE of the cape, and recognised it because they’ve seen it so many times on the seabeds we’ve filmed with the ROV, always at 80-100 meters depth.

They filmed and photographed it, documenting the enormous amount of deep-sea sponges we found in this area. Close to this location, but at 70-80 meters depth, we are once again thrilled to see the richness of the seabeds comprised of corals, sponges and large fish.

The rocks appear to be completely covered by different colour corals, and each centimeter of rock is worth seeing.