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May 8, 2006

Corsican coast

BY: Carlos Pérez


© OCEANA / Houssine Kaddachi


 We finally reach the Corsican coast. Today’s challenge was to use our tri-dimensional probing equipment for the first time to scan the work bottom and to chart its relief. The truth is we have been left open-mouthed on looking at how after each scan the seabed increasingly became a relief image which enabled our team to see its structure from several angles, simulating an underwater camera. It is like being able to “cut a slice of the ocean seabed and serve it at table”. We are thrilled with the machine. We’ll get to know and handle it better with use.

After exploring the seabed we decided to drop anchor where we were. We then put the frogmen into the dinghy, camera at the ready, and left them free to explore the area with the aim of documenting it. On their return they told us how impressed they had been by the beauty of the undulating submarine scenery.