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May 25, 2018

Ciao Italy

BY: Jorge Blanco



7 areas, 26 days, nearly 500 square km, one boat and all the excitement in the world as we set out on this expedition in the Mare Nostrum on a quest to protect the depths of the Aeolian Islands—where its 29,500 lucky inhabitants get to call these beautiful volcanic islands home.


A World Heritage Site since 2000, these islands have numerous protected areas to safeguard its land-based heritage sites, but its surrounding seas have been left a bit forgotten. And that’s just the reason why Oceana Europe is starting its twenty-sixth expedition today.

We’ve already had the opportunity to start to observe the beauty that lies below the surface when we spotted our first coral on our ROV’s camera feed. For sure, these small, bright-yellow creatures are just one of the many discoveries we’re bound to encounter within the depths of these islands named after a Greek god.