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July 25, 2011

Cabo Tiñoso

BY: Silvia García


© OCEANA / Carlos Suárez


We have spent the night sailing towards the waters of Murcia (SE Spain), to document the depths of Cabo Tiñoso. It is concerning a marine area which will soon be a reserve, declared by the Autonomous Community.

This protection figure exclusively involves interior waters, directly managed by the Government of Murcia. With regard to the exterior waters – managed by the State – there is also a protection proposal on the table, which would result in a large Protected Marine Area on which the central Government is already working on. The main importance of these waters originates from the special geology of its depths, which drop to great depths from very close to the coast, in the form of a system of submerged cannons. In this way, it is concerning an area of great importance for cetaceans, studied by either regional or national conservation organizations, which have spent years demanding its protection.

We have carried out some immersions in two deep areas of these cannons, with the aim of supplementing the already existing information with some details about the deepest areas.  It is worth mentioning the intensity of pulling the top of these canyons, very close to the sea, and also in the “beaches” or plateaus which are now being formed in the actual system of the canyons.