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July 7, 2016

A busy day!

BY: David Orr



Although we’ve passed the half-way stage of this expedition, we still have the same excitement and energy as we did on the first day. Today has been a hot day with the sun shining and the sea rather choppy. But nothing can stop the Ranger from carrying marching on with this exciting expedition. Today we had perfect conditions to put the ROV back in the water to explore the seafloor. In fact, it was a really busy day: we’ve done 7 ROV dives, collected samples, filmed areas in HD for the scientists to study, and, to round off the day, we had a fault with the ROV which stopped it from working properly. But no need to worry as all’s well that ends well – it was just a minor fault. Well done, once again, to all the crew on-board, especially the ROV team!