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July 6, 2017

Searching for pockmarks

BY: Jack Ravensberg



Today we arrived to the middle of the North Sea. We woke up to some some lousy weather; cold, rain and windy. Today feels more like winter in stark contrast to yesterday  where we had a summerday. It‘s incredible how the weather can change so fast out here,  but I guess we are right in the heart of the ¨North¨ Sea.

Here we‘re hoping to find some pockmarks. Pockmarks are craters in the seabed caused by fluids (gas and liquids) erupting and streaming through the sediments.  But so far after 4 dives with the ROV we havn‘t found a single one. Furthermore, during the day we also did some grabs and CTD‘s. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some more luck in finding pockmarks.