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May 10, 2006

Bringing the Ranger to Brussels

BY: Oceana Web



This isn’t a diary from the Ranger today, but from Brussels. While the Ranger and crew are diving in Corsica, I’m here in my natural environment with other Oceana Europe staff, hosting the Oceana Board meeting. It is the first time that the Board and many of the staff members have visited Brussels, as our office there is relatively new, and it was great to show them at first hand the policy work of the Oceana Europe office with the European institutions.

But the Ranger is in Brussels in spirit! We took the opportunity of the Board being here to hold an informal reception and to present the 2006 Expedition to all those folks in Brussels who work on fisheries, marine and environment policy – politicians, European Commission officials, EU government representatives, NGOs, researchers etc. We also exhibited a selection of photos taken during the Ranger’s 2005 expedition. It was an evening to get together, look at beautiful photos and chat about our common interest in the oceans.