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October 4, 2016

Birthday on board

BY: Enrique Talledo



It’s always good to celebrate a birthday in a special and different way, and even better if it’s for a good reason. And that’s how it’s been, embarked on DEEP-SEA LEBANON Expedition and documenting life on board. Today we are a few miles from the battered cities of Tripoli and Beirut, just a few hundred kilometres from a cruel and senseless war.

Here there are major canyons that descend to depths of over 1,000 metres. Hardly any studies have been carried out of the underwater life in these areas, so the information that we provide will be of particular interest to Lebanon and for the protection and health of the Mediterranean.

While the ROV films these deep-sea ecosystems, the CTD reveals information about the temperature, salinity, pH, chlorophyll and the depth. But they are not the only methods used on board, since the dredge also reveals to us the microscopic world that these seabeds are home to.

My best present is to participate in the biological discoveries that these deep, dark environments will offer us during this month of October. Definitely something special and different.