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June 21, 2016

Between the underwater caves

BY: Enrique Talledo



I’m starting my diary entry sitting on the bow of the Ranger, looking towards the horizon, ten miles from the coast of Gozo, with the ROV in 500-metre-deep water. It’s a little break from spending hours labeling all the hundreds of videos we’ve made over the last few days. I still have such vivid memories of the dive we did yesterday – one of the most beautiful dives out of the many I’ve done in this sea. I feel like an explorer who’s out looking for biological treasures hidden between grottos and caves in the Mediterranean. I have to say that these spots give me a feeling of fear but I overcome this as soon as I see the true beauty and splendor that is hiding behind this game of lights and shadows. I am surprised and in utter disbelief when I see a fish like the Bluespotted Cornetfish from the Red Sea (Fistularia commersonii) and have the chance to document a cave inhabitant like the Dark Brotula  inhabitant like the Oligopus ater fish in its dark underwater cave. As I write, I don’t want to miss the opportunity here to thank the rest of the crew. Their help and good work is making this expedition to be the most fun and fascinating I’ve been on so far.