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June 18, 2008

Bermeo Seamount

BY: Silvia García




We departed from Malpica and headed towards the Baldaio bank, only 3 miles off the coast. The divers are going to dive in the main canal that divides the bank in two sections. We must take into account that there will probably be strong currents. The minimum depth at this bank, measured during the lowest tide of the year, is 9 meters. The immersion will be carried out between 10 and 23 meters. Later, we head towards the Bermeo bank, 4.5 miles off Fruseira Point. At 14:00, we already have the ROV in the water. Depth is 43 meters, so we take a look then we move 2 miles west where we find the same bank.

We’ll do more dives here because this seamount is quite large and we have to document various slopes.