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July 21, 2017

Back to work!

BY: Suzanne Conlon


Birthday on board


First I would like to say a big Happy Birthday to Jordi! We hope you enjoyed the cake!

After a nice couple of relaxing days off at Hirtshals, Denmark, we are back to work (unfortunately the good weather didn’t follow us). Besides stuffing our faces with cake, we managed to deploy the ROV twice, get some grab samples and the divers went out.

In the grabs we found lots of brittle stars, sea urchins and even a sea mouse (Aphrodita aculeata). We aimed to find some bubbling reefs but we weren’t successful. Bubbling reefs are rock formations that occur around seeps that naturally release gas and hence the name was coined due to the bubbles rising from the seafloor. They are reported to attract a lot of fauna so it would be super cool if we came across this kind of reef! Fingers crossed!