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August 5, 2017

Back at sea!

BY: Sergio Losada



It’s gratifying to be back at sea again after a few days in port. It was a shame to have to limit the dives with our Dutch colleagues Ben, Harold, Peter, Flor and Udo because of the crane and bad weather, although we did have the opportunity to return to Groningen and have a great time instead.

After several failed attempts with some gear, it seems that luck is on our side and we were able to work a bit. At the moment we’ve scanned the seabed with the Side Scan Sonar with good results. Hopefully we can start up Bruce, the Groningen University trawler, and the Sediment Profile Imaging camera with Sara, Karin and Leo over the next eleven days. Let’s cross our fingers so that everything works and we can dive between maneuvers.

Today, on August 5, I’d like to wish a happy birthday to a very good friend. Happy birthday, Hector 🙂