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October 8, 2016

Back on dry land

BY: Alejandro Blanco



… And so we arrived back in port! After the first 6 days of work we returned to Beirut having successfully carried out our tasks. Great!

Once in Beirut, with our minds on the idea that we can now leave the boat and relax, we started with our work of checking and improving all the equipment, stowing the A-frame, gathering up the ropes, checking the winch etc. Basically, tidying up and putting away the equipment used during these first few days of the campaign.

And finally it was time to relax and take stock of this great experience … and for a walk around Beirut, dinner with colleagues, and for many sensations after all we have been through. I have to say it was a great week! And I almost forgot to mention meeting the wonderful people of this great country called Lebanon!