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September 3, 2018

Back to the Baltic!

BY: Rubén González



This is my third expedition is this peculiar sea. This time around I’m the Logistics Coordinator, which makes it a bit more exciting and interesting to be here once again.

I love the Scandinavian countries;  their landscapes, their quiet streets… and, what a difference in weather from my home in Valencia, Spain. Here, I’m saying goodbye to the summer, or at least the summer as we know it in Southern Europe.

Today, the operations team and the divers conducted two dives in the Vapplan and Antrevetareas. Alex took the controls of the back-up air compressor and didn’t take his eyes off of the air bubbles bubbling up from the divers below. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you have someone covering your back when diving.

As always, both Minguell and Talledo know how to capture incredible images where the rest of us only see some seaweed, rocks or sand.

In this expedition Sergio looks like an underwater Christmas tree with all the equipment that Aimi, our Marine Scientist onboard, makes him take down with him.

Adolfo makes us laugh a lot, and we joke around with him a lot because of the funny things that happen to him; he’s thenewbie , and it’s his turn to put up with us. His time will come around, once he’s got more experience — which won’t take long.

Along with the science team, we were able to work with the new tow camera by filming underwater footage along a network of waypoints in the same area. We also used the CTD to gather data on the  water’s physiochemical properties and used our new “mini-grab” device that allows us to bring up substrate samples without having to use heavy machinery.

In short, today was a good day. There’s a good atmosphere on board and the laughs at the dinnertableshow how well we all get on — the silliest things make us laugh until we can´t laugh anymore!.  Everything is positive, as any work environment should be: professional and serious at the most crucial moments and relaxed when the workday is over.