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July 21, 2011

Archaeological site?

BY: Silvia García





The Chella Bank or Seco de los Olivos has already demonstrated that it is worthy of protection, given the great diversity of species and habitats it houses. But, if it is possible, this small mountain is even more diverse, because it also seems to have a certain cultural value.

During today´s immersions we have found on one of its tops some remains that may belong to ancient boats that sailed and sank in the area: an anchor, a small cannon –called culebrilla– and other objects scattered around the area. It has not been a complete surprise, because last year, near this point, we found another cannon, which was even bigger than the one we saw today. Because of lack of knowledge we cannot specify which boat these remains come from or from which period they are from, but their whereabouts and the images obtained will be communicated to the Spanish government and European Union, since they have been discovered during an investigation pertaining to a European project, called LIFE+ INDEMARES.