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June 3, 2012

Alexandra Cousteau joins the expedition

BY: Carlos Suárez


© OCEANA / Carlos Suárez


Today we are moored in Copenhagen. We will sail out this afternoon, and I have taken the chance to advance in the work of arranging captured images and data. I was unable to do all this work in the last 20 hours due to the rough sea.

As I work on my laptop I watch many people walk by. Most of them are tourists of various nationalities who want to learn about the history and monuments of this beautiful city as they enjoy the good weather. I suppose that it’s harder to be a tourist in the winter here.

Some of my colleagues have gone out for a walk and others have work meetings with the head of the campaign. Meanwhile, time goes by and we wait for the entire crew to come back so we can sail out this afternoon.

Today Alexandra Cousteau joins the crew, and we are excited about showing her our work of the previous weeks in the Baltic Sea. Some days of heavy work await us to keep documenting the state of the bottom in this sea.