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August 4, 2006

Aguadulce Port

BY: EGriffin



We arrived back in Aguadulce port this morning after a rough night at sea. I awoke several times to find myself bouncing up and down off of my bed.

We spent the day preparing for the next leg of our journey. This meant doing things like laundry, grocery shopping and preparing equipment. We picked up 2 new crew members; a sailor named Concha and a new cooked named Gabriel.

We had a nice farewell dinner for Indi, the old cook, who will be leaving first thing tomorrow morning. After dinner we went back to the boat and Indi pulled out his guitar. It was a beautiful night and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the music and looking at the stars. It was nice to hang out with the rest of the crew without having to stain to understand Spanish. It was then that I realized that there is one truly international language; music.