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August 14, 2017

60 days of intense emotion

BY: Enrique Talledo



Can you imagine opening a window to the sea and being able to watch the seabed of the North Sea for two months?

Our observation methods, beyond our own sight, are multiple camera systems, sensors, underwater robots, dredgers and other sophisticated devices. In terms of documenting things in shallow waters, the dive team has enjoyed the bird colonies on the Scottish coast as well as extensive underwater kelp forests.

We have documented species like wolffish, pollack and monkfish at depths of between 20 – 30 meters along the sheltered Norwegian coast. The topography of the sea floor softens in Denmark and the Netherlands, giving rise to plains of sand and sediments with Sabellaria and Lanice worm reefs where we have also filmed a rich variety of species.

It only took 60 days to realize that this is a sea with vulnerable ecosystems which needs to be protected from destructive fishing, certain human activities and pollution.

60 days of intense emotion to discover and help protect one of Europe’s most important and fascinating seas.