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December 4, 2014

500 days at sea and still counting

BY: Oceana Web



It’s not often that a young man with a decent job and salary decides to pack it all up and leave, in order to raise awareness for the oceans and highlight the need for sustainable living. Yet, that’s exactly what 29 year old Sergi Basoli decided to do.

His journey began in Barcelona back in July 2013, with the goal of kayaking around the coastlines of the 25 countries that lie along the Mediterranean Sea. To put this journey into perspective, this is a distance which is in fact larger than the earth’s perimeter. What’s more, Sergi aims to deliver a letter to the Environmental Minister of every country that he visits, explaining why they need to take action against overfishing and pollution of the Mediterranean Sea, before it’s too late.

Today marks Sergi’s 500thday at sea.  At OCEANA, we are more than delighted to support such an inspiring and dedicated young man on a truly extraordinary journey.

To learn more about Sergi’s journey and to see some stunning photos of the Mediterranean, take a look at his blog. For even more photos, dive into our Flickr account.


(Image via Sergi Basoli’s blog: http://bit.ly/1yjKhxv)