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September 29, 2014

400 hours

BY: Jesús Molino


© OCEANA / Enrique Talledo


Engines registered 4910 operation hours, which means they´ve been running for 400h since we set sail 26 days ago from Burriana´s port in Castellon; therefore the engines and the diesel circuit need a complete checking. Engines are crucial in terms of propulsion and of course safety. It´s important to pay special attention to the management of oil and filters residues. We dropped them at La Restinga´s household waste recycling center and took advantage to buy some supplies for the next few days.

We headed to the immersion points Ricardo and Helena had chosen. While everything felt similar to previous days for the crew on deck, to the ROV operators and the science crew, the day seemed not so regular; we were at only 400 meters from el Hierro Island but working at about 1000m deep.  Finally we decided to take the ROV back and sail towards the port due to the strong wind and currents which made the retrieving maneuvers quite a hard task. Carlos Minguell managed to take thousands of photos and Enrique Talledo flew the drone to document such an event. Finally, after an hour and a half, we managed to have the ROV safe and sound back on deck along with the sample collected with its arm. The day was over but we still had an hour of light ahead to moor the boat.