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August 4, 2017

Four meters below sea level

BY: Aaron Sáenz



A day in port and we wake up in Holland, surrounded by windmills and four meters below sea level, but this time are no bizarre and unpredictable love story, only the tide. Everyone returned to their nest, burrow, shelter or bunk after a nighttime foray into the streets of Groningen, and no one deserted.

Feeling so at ease, so professionally satisfied, in such good company – one would be crazy to want to abandon this two-month adventure into the unknown. There is no blog, video or photo that even comes close to comparing to experiencing it for yourself. Everyone should see it in order to fully understand what’s at stake, yet because of our very nature we should stay away to protect it.

We’re not designed to observe the flower without messing with it, and that, in my opinion, is always the first step we take. We mess with things wherever we go. So four meters below sea level is where we are, and we every effort made to leave just takes us down even further.

I learned my trade next to a fish market, in a small fishing village. I respect them and I understand them, but as time goes by I fail more and more to see the sea like they do. There are many people who are tied to the sea, and fishermen are the last people I fear…so I believe that protecting the oceans is an ongoing battle…but against whom? It’s ultimately against ourselves.