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June 30, 2011

30 June 2011 (1)


Yesterday we made our first attempt and set sail for Gorringe. After sailing for 12 nautical miles, Nuño, the captain, decided that the waves and wind were still too strong to work far from the coast and that the forecasts weren’t looking good for the next few days. So we returned to the coast and anchored off Sagres, where we spent the night.For now, it doesn’t look like conditions are going to change much, so we’re forced to change our schedule. Today

we dove close to the coast again, this time off Cape Sagres. In total, we’ve covered just over 2000 meters, documenting the sea beds between 65 and 80 meters depth, covered mostly by an impressive field of gorgonians.

Although we can’t go to Gorringe right now, as planned, the mood on board is still good.