2021 Consultancy Opportunity: Marine Protection


Terms of Reference to deliver a report on: Review of EU CFP Article 11 implementation

Also available as a downloadble .pdf here.

Timeframe of contract: March – May 2021

Background and context:
In 2013 when the Common Fisheries Policy was reformed, a specific provision was adopted under Article 11 to articulate fisheries conservation measures with obligations under EU environmental legislation. One central part of such mechanism was to adopt fisheries management measures for marine protected areas created under the Nature Directives (Natura 2000), or the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.
Oceana in Europe is seeking a consultant to produce an analysis of the implementation of Article 11 of the CFP since its entry into force seven years ago, using case studies and formulate recommendations on managing fisheries under the CFP to deliver the conservation objectives of European MPAs.

The report:
Oceana in Europe is seeking a consultant with knowledge about the CFP and MPA legal framework, to deliver a succinct report that includes the following elements:
i. Short overview of the Article 11 mechanism and process, including the roles of each of the actors involved
ii. Short case studies of joint recommendations, providing a critical review of their content, their adequacy in relation to the objectives/science, and process including:

– Joint recommendations submitted to and approved by the European Commission (e.g. Denmark, Sweden)

– Unsuccessful joint recommendation attempts (e.g., Belgium, Scotland), describing reasons for failure/delay, including in the pre-consultation phase

iii. Critical review of the implementation of Article 11, outlining best/worst practices, as well as responsibilities of actors in implementation (e.g., National administrations, European Commission, Scientific bodies like STECF, regional fisheries bodies (e.g., BALTFISH), Fisheries Advisory Councils, European Parliament)
iv. Key set of recommendations, particularly for the European Commission to improve and deliver on fisheries management in EU MPAs

Target audience:
The target audience for the report is primarily EU policy makers (European Commission), but also national fisheries administrations, and other stakeholders. As such, the report should use professional
and where necessary technical language with appropriate numbered citations and references, while still being accessible to readers without a technical background, and include an executive summary and list of recommendations tailored for an audience of policy makers.
The report should be a maximum of 20 pages in length, 1.5 space, 12 point Aerial font.

Method of work:
Desk based reviews of published literature, as well as grey literature and reports available on-line (STECF, Advisory Councils, etc) or through stakeholder interviews (we can provide some contacts for this purpose).

A short report (max 20 pages) in pdf and word format for Oceana in Europe to use for both internal and external communication, covering the above objectives with a strong executive summary (which may be in form of, or accompanied by an infographic) that includes conclusions and recommendations. The report will be used to guide Oceana in Europe in policy development and recommendations for advocacy around practical elements of fisheries management in MPAs. It may also be used to generate public awareness for the importance of this as a key area for government leadership.

Tender Response Deadline: 28th February
Evaluation completed: 3rd March
Contract signed and work commences: w/c 25th March
First draft report delivered: 31st May
Final report due: 30th June

Consultant profile:
The consultant should demonstrate the following skills and competencies:
• Familiarity with the CFP key provisions, including understanding the Article 11 process
• Familiarity with European MPAs concepts and framework, notably Natura 2000, and fisheries management in them
• Strong writing skills in English (please provide examples of past work with your application);
• Ability to find and read relevant scientific evaluation of proposed fisheries management plans,
• Ability to work independently, network with necessary stakeholders, and meet targets and milestones.

Available Budget:
Maximum EUR 11000

To express interest in this opportunity, please send applications by email to Nicolas Fournier (Campaign Director, Marine Protection) at brussels@oceana.org by February 28th. Expressions of interest should include:
• A short method statement (maximum 2 pages A4) detailing the approach and method that shall be used to deliver the Terms of Reference;
• A budget estimate;
• An up-to-date CV of the individual(s) to be involved in delivery, or description of expertise for corporate entities;
• A maximum of 3 examples of past work, demonstrating relevant skills.